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11 June 2017
Two new stories by Chloë available from Fox Spirit Books, "The Holy Hour" , in Respectable Horror and "The Mouse & The Minotaur" which opens the third Bushy Tales collection Tales of the Mouse & Minotaur

                Respectable Horror     Mouse & Minator

Also, here's The Big Interview with Chloë by Geraldine Clark Hellery, where she talks about writing, current projects, inspirations, and Mental Health issues.

05 Mar 2017
It has been a while since the last update, new stories have been released, all three fascinating titles.

Firstly, "Professor Venedictos Von Holinshed Versus The Sororal League Of Bazooka-Bikini-Wielding Demonic Divas From Outer Space (Denouement)", in The Evil Genius Guide and "The Most Tragical & Implausible Fate Of Mary I: A Demonic Soliloquy" in Reflections ,and finally "One Sssingular Sssenssation" in Eve Of War All books available from Fox Spirit Books

                The Evil Genius Guide     Reflections     Eve Of War

30 May 2016
A new interview with Chloë by Tony Lane, where you can read about her work, influences, and what is coming in the future...


And a great new review of "Tits Up In Wonderland" from the Missing Monarchs anthology.

26 May 2016
A new piece this month, in the form of the poem "Intimacy" in the Piercing The Vale, Fox Pocket anthology from Fox Spirit Books which is available from Amazon

                Piercing The Vale

03 April 2016
February saw the release of a new story, "The City is of Night, But Not of Sleep" in the In An Unknown Country Pocket from the award winning Fox Spirit Books and is available from Amazon

                In An Unknown County

13 Jan 2016
A new infectious tale of discovery, "The Devil’s Haemorrhoids" appears in the Things In The Dark Fox Pocket from the award winning Fox Spirit Books out now and available from Amazon

                Things In The Dark

Read an interview with Chloe, to celebrate the anniversary of the Wicked Women anthology release.

02 Aug 2015
Listen to Chloë narrate "Lost Socks" by Lisa Montoya for the Cast of Wonders Podcast, Episode 169.

11 May 2015
A new tale about a Sub-aquatic Operatic Company, "Tuna Surprise!" opens the Under The Waves Fox Pocket from Fox Spirit out now and available from Amazon

                Under The Waves

25 Feb 2015
"Kiki Le Shade" has been described as "a charming nightmare" in a review by Starburst Magazine of Fox Spirit's Drag Noir collection. Read the review here, and get yourself a copy of Drag Noir from Amazon

02 Feb 2015
Read about the Chloe Yates creative process, in all its tea drinking glory in Fox Spirits Monday Methods column.

21 Dec 2014
A brand new story just in time for your Christmas reading, "Tits Up In Wonderland" in Missing Monarchs from Fox Spirit and available from Amazon on Kindle and from Lulu in Paperack right now

                Missing Monarchs

01 Nov 2014
So they are here, two new antholgies including two of my stories, firstly "Kiki Le Shade" in Drag Noir and and "How to be the Perfect Housewife" in Wicked Women, both from Fox Spirit and available from Amazon (click on the pics below)

                Drag Noir         Wicked Women

Read about the inspiration behind Kiki and Kitty in my latest Blog post.

20 Oct 2014
Get your browsers ready for two new stories coming soon, "Kiki Le Shade" in the Drag Noir anthology and "How to be the Perfect Housewife" in the Wicked Women anthology, both from Fox Spirit.

Drag Noir     Wicked Women

20 July 2014
A brand new story out, "All Things Fall" appears in Fox Spirit's Girl at the End of The World - Book 1. Available from Amazon with two alternative covers.

26 May 2014
A list of Fox Spirit's current and future publications, including future titles from Chloë.

29 April 2014
Listen to Chloë narrate "The Secret Life of Sleeping Beauty" by Charity Tahmaseb for the Cast of Wonders Podcast, Episode 121.

25 February 2014
New links to ebooks available from Spacewitch

23 February 2014
New stories out now "A Cackling Fart" in the Fox and the Fae collection, and "Well Our Feeble Frame He Knows" in the Fox Pocket - Guardians pocket collection. Both available in paperback, follow the links on the Bibliography page.

13 October 2013
Listen to a reading of "Tits Up in Wonderland", in Dark Fiction Mag Issue 16 - Anarchists and Activists,
from the upcoming Fox Spirt "Missing Monarchs" Fox Pocket.

04 August 2013
Welcome to my new website. Here you'll find out all the news about me, Chloë Yates, writer of odd tales such as "Leave the Pistol Behind" and "Madam Mafoutee's Bad Glass Eye".

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